Logan Airport workers perform essential duties to make the gateways into our city safe and hospitable. They clean terminals and aircrafts, push wheelchairs, handle baggage, check tickets and work to keep airports safe and secure. But to cut costs, the airlines have outsourced thousands of jobs that once belonged to their own employees. To replace them, airlines hire low bid contractors, creating a race to the bottom for wages and benefits. The low-bid contracting system encourages companies to cut corners at any cost, even when such actions violate health and safety and basic wage and hour laws.

$15 an Hour Standard

Establishing higher wage standards has a positive impact on the stability and quality of contracted services by reducing employee turnover of experienced and trained staff which boosts productivity. Creating wage standards for subcontracted work at Logan, in an otherwise, low-bid, subcontracting system, will level the playing field amongst contractors and and encourage full competition and compliance with the law.

MassPort continues to lag behind a growing number of airports who pay their workers far more than $11. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has implemented a minimum wage $13.20, Los Angeles international Airport pays its workers $16.14 in wages and benefits, and San Francisco International Airport’s workers earn $17.84 for wages and benefits too. In addition broader calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage for all with fair, safe working conditions has continued to grow. Locally, both Tufts Medical Center and Beth Israel have announced minimum wages of $15 an hour.

The Time for $15 is Now

Workers have been playing by the rules. They work hard every day to keep the airport running. Now they demand baseline wages and benefits, better and safer working conditions and the right to a union.

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